image shown after completion of the quiz

completed the quiz

To achieve a prominent position on the leaderboard within Kognics, it is imperative to actively participate in quizzes and successfully meet the predetermined passing criteria. 

Microsoft Teams Integration now live on Kognics

It shows the way Kognics Leaderboard works, the ways we can achieve the badges and points and increases our ranking after every quiz we take.

By demonstrating a thorough understanding of the content and achieving the required percentage, individuals can strive for excellence and secure a commendable rank on the Kognics Leaderboard. 

this image shows the leaderboard

the ranking

this image shows your rank and badges

badges and ranks

Comprehending the Risk Management process

The aforementioned visual representation provides a comprehensive overview of the ranking system. While displaying users’ positions and associated points earned, along with accompanying badges.

This professional presentation allows learners to track their progress, compare achievements, and gain recognition for their accomplishments, fostering a sense of motivation and healthy competition within the learning community.

Kognics LMS – Take the Employee Welfare Course

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