it shows the functions of the setting panel window

setting panel window

The settings panel is a key tool for administrators in any Learning Management System (LMS) platform. Giving them the required options to set up and customize the learning environment. This crucial element gives administrators the ability to control user rights, responsibilities, and resource accessibility. It helps in ensuring that learners and educators have proper access to the necessary information

With Kognics LMS you can adjust different features of your organization, certifications, authorization access, and user skills through the Kognics Platform’s specialized settings panel

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You may modify and set up the essential components in this settings window to comply with your specific requirements.

Organization settings

Under the Organization settings, you can add users who have been assigned to the course. This involves entering their email addresses, and contact numbers and assigning them a specific role such as admins or learners. This information will help in identifying and organizing users within your organization enabling smooth communication and collaboration.

In addition to this, the organization settings also provide visibility into recent user logins. This also allows you to track user activity and stay updated on the engagement level of your learners. 

Within the settings window, you will find an action option that enables you to perform user-related actions. Which include actions like updating user information or deactivating user accounts when necessary.

Certificate Options

The Kognics platform’s Certificate options let you customize and set up course certificates. The structure, appearance, and subject matter of certificates given to learners upon passing out should be determined by you.

Likewise, you have control over the degree of access and rights that users are given on the platform on account of the Permission access settings. 

You can further improve the course experience by including needed abilities using the skills option in the settings box, giving learners a clear road map for skill development.

setting panel windows functions

setting panel window


In the Kognics platform’s group panel, you can establish and manage numerous groups depending on the characteristics of the users, allowing you to assign specific courses to these groups. This feature enables effective course distribution and guarantees a focused learning environment for various learner segments.

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You can generate new groups on the group panel and add members to each one depending on pertinent criteria. This gives you the ability to group learners according to shared characteristics like department, job function, or skill level. You may expedite the course assignment process and make sure the proper information have bought to the target audience by grouping learners into different learning types.

setting panel window

setting panel window

You can keep track of how many licenses are usually used while also viewing the licenses that are accessible to your company. Try  efficiently managing and distributing resources inside your organization with this function.

Additionally, you may enter course specifics like the day, time, location, and business information inside the comprehensive choices. With the help of this function, you may give learners detailed information about forthcoming courses, including their location and any other required considerations.

setting panel window

setting panel window

You can organize and deliver your courses with ease on the Kognics content panel. Your learners can access your courses by installing them, along with any quizzes. 

Quizzes enable learners to evaluate their comprehension and solidify their information. For an easy learning process, you can organize the information into logical modules or courses. 

The panel makes it simple to make updates and changes, ensuring that your courses remain current. With the content panel, you can easily manage your courses, offer fun quizzes, and give learners an excellent learning experience.

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