Designing Learning path in Kognics LMS

A learning path in Kognics LMS is a carefully crafted progression of courses and assets to lead users through a systematic and meaningful learning experience. It functions as a guide for individuals looking to gain new skills, deepen their knowledge and achieve specific learning outcomes.

By adhering to a Learning path, users can navigate a clearly outlined advancement of content, guaranteeing a comprehensive and systematic approach to their educational growth. 

Additionally, users have access to a clear overview of ongoing learning paths, including those specifically assigned to them, as well as learning paths created by Kognics platform.

Kognics LMS creates a learning path in an effortless and intuitive endeavor that empowers users to shape a cohesive and well-organized educational experience.

In Kognics LMS, users have the ability to give a title to their learning path and provide a description that outlines the key objectives and content covered. 

Additionally, users have the flexibility to choose the publication date for their learning path.

This approach empowers instructors and creators to showcase their expertise, engage learners and deliver content in a timely and organized manner.

Once you have provided the title and description for your learning path, you can proceed to add the relevant courses and assets that you desire. Kognics platform offers the flexibility to include any number of courses or assets to ensure a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.

Here you have the option to select the courses or assets that you find relevant for your learning path. Once you have identified the desired content, you can simply click on the “Insert” button to add it to your learning path.

This user-friendly feature streamlines the process of including courses and assets in your educational journey.

After successfully inserting a course into your learning path, Kognics LMS  allows you to continue adding other courses or assets as needed. This flexibility allows you to curate a comprehensive and diverse learning experience. 

Once you have finished selecting the sedated content, you can proceed to the next step of creating your learning path.

Kognics LMS provides you the access to two essential options for managing your learning path: Learning path Settings and Enable Learning Path Certificates. 

Learning Path Settings: This option allows you to customize specific settings related to the delivery and completion of your learning path. It provides you with three key options:

  • Hide Controls for Videos: By enabling this feature, learners’ control over video within the learning path is restricted. Users will be required to watch the entire video without the ability to skip or fast forward. This ensures that learners engage with the content fully and follows a structured learning experience.
  • Towards the end of the Course or Asset: Selecting this option designates the completion of the learning path upon reaching the final course or asset. Learners will be considered to have finished the path once they successfully complete the last course or asset in the predefined sequence.

When All Quizzes are Passed: by choosing this option, learners will be considered to have completed the learning path only when they have successfully passed all quizzes associated with the courses or assets. The administrator sets a pass percentage and determines the number of attempts allowed. Learners must meet the specified criteria to achieve completion.

Enable Learning Path Certificates:  This feature provides learners with an array of certificates that they can obtain upon successfully completing the learning path. Certificates serve as official recognition of the learner’s achievement and can be customised to match the specific courses or assets within the path. Learners can showcase these certificates as evidence of their acquired skills and knowledge.

These features set a professional and structured learning environment, boosting engagement, motivation, and the acquisition of new skills. 

In the Learning Path Details section, you can access extensive insights about your Learning Path. This section offers a concise overview of critical particulars, such as the path’s name, publication date and the includes courses or assets .

Kognics incorporates a potent feature that grants you the ability to assign learning paths to both individual users and groups. 

This functionality empowers you to deliver precise and personalized learning encounters, tailored to specific learning objectives or organisational imperatives.

This overview provides you with valuable insights into your ongoing learning paths, their completion progress, and the learning paths assigned to you.

Kognics facilitates effective monitoring and management of your learning paths, it also enables you to track your ongoing progress, identify areas of focus, and stay informed about the learning paths assigned to you.

After configuring and finalizing all the necessary settings, the last step in creating a learning path is to click on the “publish” button. 

By selecting the “publish” button, you signify your readiness to release the learning path and enable learners to access the designated courses or assets according to the specified timeline or availability settings.