We are excited to announce that global associates, a leading player in the business development and sales enablement industry has selected Kognics as their trusted Learning and Development (L&D) partner. This strategic decision reflects The Global Associates’ commitment to encouraging a highly skilled workforce and driving organizational growth.

In a collaborative effort with Kognics, a highly regarded eLearning platform. The Global Associates is committed to offering their staff extensive learning materials and resources for advancing their professional growth.

Kognics’ vast collection of courses and customized learning paths will empower The Global Associates’ workforce with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their role.

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How Kognics will support The Global Associates in their L&D initiatives.

Kognics will provide strong support to The Global Associates in their Learning and Development (L&D) initiatives. Empowering their workforce to strengthen their skills and knowledge. Through Kognics’ extensive learning library. The Global Associates will obtain entry to a diverse array of courses customized to their distinct L&D requirements.

Kognics platform provides an engaging and interactive learning experience, incorporating multimedia elements and interactive assessments to ensure effective knowledge retention. The Global Associates will benefit from customized learning paths that align with their organizational goals.

Additionally, Kognics offers adaptable learning alternatives, allowing employees to learn at their preferred pace. With continuous support and progress tracking, Global Associates can monitor the progress and performance of their employees. Enabling targeted interventions and ensuring L&D efforts align with organizational objectives. 

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In conclusion, The Global Associates’ decision to partner with Kognics for their Learning and Development needs underscores their commitment to fostering a skilled and knowledgeable workforce.

By providing Kognics comprehensive learning resources, customized learning paths, and an interactive platforms. The Global Associates can empower their employees to continuously learn, grow and excel in their roles.

Overall Kognics will function as a valuable partner, facilitating The Global Associate’s L&D initiatives and helping them develop a highly skilled and competitive workforce. 

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