We took the responsibility of getting people to succeed!

Our vision is to focus on delivering organizations with next generation solutions to help them gain strategic market advantage.

Kognics is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, United States, and we offer enterprise-grade Enablement Software. We partner with several companies globally across different verticals like software, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, business services, finance, etc.

Our next-generation training platform helps organisations make learning their competitive advantage.

It started with an idea

To create a learning technology that would make a real impact. That idea became a reality in September 2022 in Silicon Valley, United States. Since then Kognics has grown into a global company with remote offices in different countries.

Our Mission

Kognics provides you with the best enablement software, which is the one-end solution to all the learning obstacles faced by industries.

So by thinking about all the worries we have decided to help enterprises by providing an engaging and impactful learning experience that improves business performance.


Kognics can be everywhere it is needed!

Kognics offers a comprehensive platform for creating, managing, and delivering learning experiences that inspire knowledge acquisition and personal development.

Why Choose Kognics ?

Questions? Connect with us today, and we will guide you the right path.

Kognics positively impacts society by providing integrated solutions in LMS, CRM, and academy services, promoting effective learning, streamlined customer relationships, and skill development.